University / Graduates

Want to excel in your career and set your ambition on to the right path?

Whether you are looking to start your global corporate career or you wish to start your own business, are a graduate who has just started in the workplace, wishing to advance to the top, the Sydney School of Protocol programs are tailored to each individual’s needs as well as group programs.

University / Graduates Programs at a glance - click on each to explore the program outline, learning and developmental outcomes.

Global Corporate Citizen

Personal Brand
Creating Lasting Impressions
Networking Skills
Business Etiquette
Communication Etiquette
Cross-Cultural Intelligence
Posture and Body Language
Image and Presentation
Wardrobe and Styling

Dine like an Executive 

Women in Front

Personal Brand
Exude Presence and Confidence
Networking Skills
Business Etiquette
Communication Etiquette
Elevator Pitch with Impact
Polished Image and Presentation
Hair and Makeup
Wardrobe and Styling

Personal Brand

Resume Makeover
Image and Presentation
Perfect your Cover Letter
LinkedIn Profile Makeover
Communication across Channels
Digital Communication Etiquette
Interview Techniques
Create your Business Card
Styling and Business Wardrobe
Business Etiquette

The First 90 Days

Routines for Success
Adapting to your Work Culture
Creating Impact and Presence
Preparing and Managing Meetings
Representing your Business
Fostering Teamwork

Dine like an Executive

RSVPs and Invitations
Host and Guest Duties
Table Etiquette
Silverware Etiquette
Glassware and Toasting
Eating Various Foods
Business over Food and Drinks
Continental, American and Asian Dining Skills


"My training program "Becoming a Corporate Global Citizen" was an absolute paradigm shifting experience. The lessons learnt have allowed me to improve and optimize my etiquette skills. It will certainly be an invaluable and competitive edge for me as I promote my personal brand within a professional and casual environment. The professionalism shown by Julie and Simone was a catalyst in my transformation over this supercharged session. The feedback received was immediate and they were on point to correct any discrepancies in my performance. Such feedback will prove valuable as I bring forth the life skills that I have learnt into the corporate world."
- Marcos Martinez, Law Graduate, Perth

“Within a week, I gained a new perspective on my career pathways and learnt how I could succeed in the corporate world. I therefore feel this tour is valuable for students who want to gain a ‘kick-start’ in their corporate career and learn skills that cannot be taught in a classroom setting.”
- Olivia Mittiga

"On the fifth day of the study tour, we were amazed with how far we had come in such a short period of time. In particular, it was a highlight to see how we all had improved our gravitas and entrance into a room!"
- Tina Tran and Anita Bryant

"By refining our dining etiquette, we open up the opportunity for ourselves to impress potential employers or clients we might find ourselves acquainted with during these occasions. As future business leaders we want to make sure we use the right tools to make the world our 'oyster'."
- Mervyn Tan and Nicholas Theodorakoupoulos


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