Welcome to the Sydney School of Protocol

The Sydney School of Protocol offers a ‘next generation’ approach to developing protocol and etiquette skills for success in social and business settings.

As the first consulting company to bring The Protocol School of Washington programs to Australia, our training is uniquely adapted to meet our clients varied needs.

Graduates from young adults to corporate executives, develop personal and professional skills that give them the composure and confidence to excel in a changing environment.

Underpinned by a strong educational curriculum and practical corporate experience, the School broadly focuses on image and presentation, personal branding, career advancement, global intelligence, inter-cultural relations and customer experience and service training.

Offering a needs led approach to design, a range of unique services are available including; master classes, educational events, seminars, tailor-made solutions and one-on-one private coaching

Click here to view our live interview on the Seven Network. "Tips and tricks for making a good impression" with hosts Tom Williams and Sarah Cumming on The Daily Edition, Tuesday 08 November 2016 

School Holiday Programs for School Leavers and Teenagers - January 2017 - click to find out more about our specialised programs. 

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