SSOP contributes to an article by Trevor Treharne " Swearing in the Work Place" - Acuity Magazine (Australian and New Zealand Accountants)

A stint in some workplaces might make you feel like cussing like a sailor, but is it appropriate?

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DAILY TELEGRAPH - Sharing our expertise with NEWS.COM.AU on Pippa Middleton's wedding and belle of the after party Meghan Markle

Read the Daily Telegraph article on the occasion and dress choices

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Mastering a Business Meeting - DAILYMAIL.CO.UK ››

Avoid sending out signals of 'busyness', never swear and don't even THINK about yawning: Etiquette guru on the behaviour to master for a successful office meeting

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Easter with family & friends - Etiquette Tips shared with Daily Mail Australia @ DAILYMAIL.CO.UK

Always bring a gift, dress to impress and ensure children practice their table manners: Etiquette guru's top tips for navigating Easter lunch

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Sharing our expertise on Netiquette with CHILD MAGAZINE in the latest April 2017 Edition

Netiquette for your children. A positive approach to the digital world and communication shared by our experts at the Sydney School of Protocol.

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