Celebrating International Women's Day 2019

Celebrating Women's International Day

Throughout our Women in Front Mastery program series we have seen the courage of many women, from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds, who have invested time and effort to develop their “best self”.

This transformation often entails taking a step up to empower ourselves from within and think about our personal challenges and goals. In this way we often gain a better understanding of how this affects our behaviour, (both verbal and non-verbal actions with others) and how others perceive us in the few vital seconds of forming a first impression. 

At the Sydney School of Protocol we have a deep admiration for the women across generations, cultures and professions who strive to enrich their lives and seize each and every opportunity for self development and fulfilment. 

To celebrate, we would like to thank our Women in Front clients who have taken this step and join them and our broader community to recognise the achievements of women across the globe.

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2019 we are extending an exclusive offer of $849.00 per person for a group, Women in Front Mastery One Day Program, valid up to 31 March 2019. Limited to 10 participants.

Find out more on our link to the program Women in Front

www.sydneyschoolofprotocol.com.au or call Julie to discuss on +61 0452 553 855. 



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Open offices with business etiquette intelligence

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Exuding confidence & presence

Exuding confidence & presence

Is presenting yourself with ease and confidence on any level in business and social settings something you aspire to?

Research studies confirm that most people feel a lack of confidence when confronted with new people, situations, and environments. This discomfort can be as simple is how to respond to an email, an invitation, what to wear to an event, how to interpret dress codes, navigating the dining table, to making small talk and exiting a conversation.

Olivia Fox Cabane in her publication “The Charisma Myth ” emphasises that “any internal discomfort – either physical or mental – can impair how you feel, how you perform and how others perceive you.”

Overcoming these feelings and removing these obstacles allows you the freedom to operate in various situations with ease and “knowing what is appropriate when”. Understanding and practicing the principles of modern etiquette gives us the platform to gain an inner confidence and presence.

Distinguishing yourself through your personal brand takes courage and an investment in yourself.

Taking time to create your personal brand strategy will give you the “armor” to excel and exude confidence.






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Small Changes for Powerful Gains

Is finding the perfect cultural fit and taking a step up to another level continuing to be a challenge for you? 

Your credentials and LinkedIn profile may look impressive. You have the qualifications for a role in an industry you are either keen to work for or you may be pursuing a role or career change. However, stepping up or making a change may be a challenge?

Many of our clients who we support and who engage with the School come with a passion for what they do and the courage to recognise areas they wish to develop and enhance.

When distilled over a conversation with our clients the key motivation to succeed is centered on a strong appetite to understand how to build their executive presence and differentiate themselves.

We know from research and experience that our success is created by relationship building in our social and business lives. They are not independent of each other and every interaction we make on a daily basis leaves an impression. 

From University graduates to middle and senior executives there is an opportunity to open your mind and take a moment to self-reflect on your personal brand. We invite you to take the Personal Brand Self Audit.

Consider how you can make small changes for powerful gains, through developing interpersonal skills and gaining the tools to improve your executive presence in a global environment.

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The University of Adelaide Study Tour 2017 Graduation & Highlights

Exclusive invitations to visit top organisations, networking and panel sessions with industry professionals, as well as insightful lessons with the Sydney School of Protocol. This is what our Business and Law students experienced on the recent Sydney study tour. 

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