The First 90 Days

To advance to the top the Sydney School of Protocol offer clients a thorough needs analysis to ensure classes suit individual needs. To help improve your soft skills, polish your style, improve your communication skills and build your confidence, we offer complete programs or an integrated series of Master Classes from one to three days.

Routines for Success 
Focusing on your objectives
Building your support team
Familiarisation with the environment
Finding a mentor 

Representing your Company
Brand alignment 
Networking etiquette 
Various meeting occasions 
Dress codes and presentation 

Adapting to your Work Culture
How to read others 
Finding best approaches 
Identifying measurement tools

Fostering Teamwork
Building web presence 
Recommended strategic sections
Style and design recommendation
Business brand 
Experience compilation

Creating impact and Presence 
Controlling your first impressions 
Making an entrance and working the room 
Body language and alignment 

Bringing brand values to life 
Personal presence 
Building relationships 

Preparing and Managing Meetings 
How to prepare for a meeting
How to run a meeting
Mastering crucial conversations
Speech making  

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