Wentworth Finishing Program

Wentworth Finishing Program

Proudly presented by the Sofitel Sydney Wentworth & the Sydney School of Protocol

The Wentworth Finishing Program offers a unique opportunity to discover the soft skills necessary to get ahead in business whilst enjoying a refined and elegant setting in Sydney’s very first international luxury hotel, the Sofitel Sydney Wentworth.

You will gain insights from the Sydney School of Protocol industry experts, but also tangible skills for elevating confidence, presence, and the subtle nuances for building successful relationships. Learn how to create a presence and interact with ease, to build confidence and increase trust.

Discover the Program

  • Understanding how to build rapport and relationships
  • Creating a positive first impression upon entering a room
  • Exuding confidence and genuine presence
  • Mingling with ease
  • Introductions of yourself and others
  • Becoming proficient with small talk
  • Networking for success and leverage opportunities including incidental interactions
  • Dining, hosting and executive entertaining with ease
  • Investing in a business wardrobe to impress and suit your industry


The Sydney School of Protocol packages are tailored for everyone from school students, business men and women to corporations who work on the global stage and need to understand social, cultural values and customs.

The Sydney School of Protocol will teach you how to cope with cutlery at a banquet to creating a good impression and feeling confident in social and business situations.

The Wentworth Finishing Program

  • First impressions
  • Distinguish yourself
  • Entrances and introductions
  • Business and social etiquette
  • Professional polish
  • Personal presence
  • Style and presentation

Includes two hour tuition with the School of Protocol presenters and morning or afternoon tea

$260 per person

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The Wentworth Dining Program

  • How to host executives
  • Entertaining with style and confidence
  • Dining protocols
  • Host and guest roles

Includes a two hour tuition with the School of Protocol presenters and a three course dinner with beverages 

$348 per person

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Full Day Program

  • The Wentworth Finishing Program
  • The Wentworth Dining Program

Includes the full four hour tution with the School of Protocol presenters and all additional food and beverages

$481 per person

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The Sydney School of Protocol has extensive expertise and experience across a broad range of areas. Our courses are tailored for everyone to ensure we teach young people through to adults how to create a good impression and to feel confident in social and business situations. 

 Ms Julie Lamberg-Burnet
Founder | Director of Sydney School of Protocol
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Ms Mahta Manzouri
Associate | Sydney School of Protocol
Adviser | Institut de Conciergerie Internationale Paris
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