Career Advancement 

"I am very grateful for the assistance given to me by Julie, CEO and Founder of the Sydney School of Protocol. Not having completed a Resume or Supporting Statements for a number of years due to the length of time in my current position, I needed these documents to be modernised and revamped. I was very surprised at how quickly Julie turned the provided information around so that it looked very professional, easy to read yet hit the target for getting the right message across to the reader. Julie also suggested an update on my LinkedIn account and this was completed just as speedily. I have no hesitation in promoting Julie and the Sydney School of Protocol for the quality and professionalism of their service".

- Helen Spiers PhD GAICD

Dine like a Diplomat  

"My favourite part of the Dine like a Diplomat Mastery program was setting the tables, knowing how to be seated and tips on the finishing and resting positions. Also the correct etiquette and protocol for seating guests, host/guest duties and the correct way to eat bread. The practical setting of the tables, organising seating arrangements and dining at the table allowed all of us to practice in our dining room. It also gave us the opportunity to ask questions throughout the Mastery session."

- Seminary of the Good Shepherd - Homebush NSW 

Becoming a Corporate Global Citizen

"My training program "Becoming a Corporate Global Citizen" was an absolute paradigm shifting experience. The lessons learned have allowed me to improve and optimize my etiquette skills. It will certainly be an invaluable and competitive edge for me as I promote my personal brand within a professional and casual environment. The professionalism shown by Julie and Simone was a catalyst in my transformation over this supercharged session. The feedback received was immediate and they were on point to correct any discrepancies in my performance. Such feedback will prove valuable as I bring forth the life skills that I have learned into the corporate world."

- Marcos Martinez, Law Graduate, Perth

Global Corporate Citizenship - Sydney Study Tour Program with the University of Adelaide

Sessions with the Sydney School of Protocol gave students a new confidence in their ability to effectively navigate a variety of business situations and relationships. They learned about what it means to be a global corporate citizen, interacting with authenticity and integrity.

“This study tour provides students with knowledge and skills to prepare them for their professional lives and to be competitive in a global corporate environment”. “It undoubtedly helps students stand out with experience and knowledge other students would not have”.
“The study tour has helped in opening my mind up to learning and developing myself, to think about my career as a journey that I am in control of”.
“The program has heightened my self-awareness. My personal presentation has improved enormously after this experience”.
“The biggest skills I’ve developed through this study tour were the transferable skills, communication, teamwork, and networking. Skills we would need in any industry we end up working in”.

“Within a week, I gained a new perspective on my career pathways and learned how I could succeed in the corporate world. I, therefore, feel this tour is valuable for students who want to gain a ‘kick-start’ in their corporate career and learn skills that cannot be taught in a classroom setting.”

- Olivia Mittiga

"On the fifth day of the study tour, we were amazed at how far we had come in such a short period of time. In particular, it was a highlight to see how we all had improved our gravitas and entrance into a room!"
- Tina Tran and Anita Bryant

"By refining our dining etiquette, we open up the opportunity for ourselves to impress potential employers or clients we might find ourselves acquainted with during these occasions. As future business leaders, we want to make sure we use the right tools to make the world our 'oyster'."
- Mervyn Tan and Nicholas Theodorakoupoulos

Brand Service Leadership and Customer Service Program

" Every minute of the training made me more of aware of my behaviour and manners and this will help me to provide excellent service to our clients."
"The customer's experience is paramount and creating a work ethic so everyone is on the same page to support this was invaluable"
"The program was very thorough - actively helped me to deliver clients expectations"
"Everything was great and it was very beneficial for me - thank you"
" The whole program has been great and for anyone in the industry"
- Investment Bank Sydney - Front of House Team

Becoming a Global Corporate Citizen   - Mastery Series

"I first met Julie during my tenure as Industry and Leisure Sales Manager for Qantas Airways. Julie is a consummate professional with a great presentation style. She has founded and developed specially designed and facilitated programs through the Sydney School of Protocol.

Her preparation for each candidate is comprehensive and meets the unique needs of her student.

My eldest daughter has recently undertaken and completed the first stage of Mastery Series I and has now enrolled in series II. The series encompasses the following areas.

  • Developing personal brand to the next level: Engage and implement practical strategies to enable to move with ease and confidence on any level in both business and social arenas.
  • Enhance current skills and knowledge for building positive, social and business relationships.
  • Develop a greater understanding of styles and strategies for building a reputation in the future role for ongoing success.

Our youngest daughter will commence the same or similar program later in 2016.

The programs are designed specifically for the individual incorporating essential key components to deliver the desired positive outcomes. Julie and her team consistently receive outstanding reviews and I would highly recommend her and the team at Sydney School of Protocol without hesitation. Private Coaching - Personal Development Program Series."
- Glenn Cusack

Brand Service Leadership Program

"Dear Sydney School of Protocol
I would like to thank you for your guidance, knowledge, mentorship, and professionalism.
Dear Julie, thank you for opening your home to me, your hospitality for the one-day mentoring workshop made learning very enjoyable.
Alison Pate I thank you for making me think deeply about my new business venture. And to the very handsome and stylish Jeff Lack, many thanks for the extremely useful and professional advice."                                                                                   
- Ingrid J. Steven
Founder & CEO of Racecourse Road Dental Brisbane Queensland

Outclass the Competition

"The live action scenarios were really helpful. I will be using all elements of the training to advance my career. Especially the networking suggestions. I learned a number of skills including the power of body language and adjusting language to convey confidence and polish.
The individual feedback was an invaluable element of the program and I felt very supported." 
- Executive Partner Corporate 

Customer Service Strategy 

"I could not have achieved the standard of service or conveyed the importance of our opening event, on the night, without your skill set and training. I genuinely appreciate all your support with my personal development and significant contribution to the launch of our brand and service strategy."
 - Creative Director, Leading Boutique, Architecture, Interiors, Lifestyle, and Culture 

Women in Front Master Class Series

"The one on one coaching improved my confidence immensely, equipped me with the right professional and social etiquette skills, enabled me to present myself with ease in networking functions, enhanced my image and reputation in the business world, transitioned from just being ‘functioning’ to ‘flourishing’ at work. Words can’t express how grateful I am for all the help and support that I received from Julie and her team."
- Manager, Financial Investor Relations

"The course was excellent, thank you. It has been quite a revelation that although I am not a naturally outgoing person, there are achievable changes that I can make to my personal presentation that will help me to be more self-assured and confident. I believe this will make social and business situations more enjoyable in the future, and also serve me well from a professional perspective when I re-enter the workforce. It was great that there were three different teachers for the three different parts of my tailored program. This gave me confidence that I was learning from an expert for each topic"
- Health Professional and Mother

Graduate Mastery Series

"Now that I have completed this part of the training, I feel excited to train myself and continue to practice what I have learned in professional situations.
I know that both my sister and I really enjoyed ourselves over the weekend. It is great to have a lot of information that seems obvious actually confirmed for us but to also learn a lot more than expected. The little things do count and it is great that I am now aware of them."
- Graduates, Emma and Juliet

"This experience will really serve me well in applications and future professional experiences. Really useful and relevant was the coaching on

•     How to create an effective resume
•     How to make a positive first impression
•     How to draw on my skills and experiences in an interview setting"
- Graduate, Preparing for an Internship

Personal Development Program

"The private coaching was immensely helpful in polishing up on my business and social etiquette skills including networking, dining, communications, image, and presentation and making a positive first impression"
- Leading Sydney Barrister

Modelling and Mentoring Program

"My daughter Chelsea attended this course. She has been to other courses run by The Sydney School of Protocol and absolutely loves them. The courses are amazing and teach young people some really critical but basic lessons they can use for life. Thank you for your inspiration Julie to bring these modern and interactive programs together and your wonderful staff.... A must for all young people and highly recommended."
- Michelle 

Teen Program Series

 "I was so happy that Angelina heard from another source other than Mum about grace, beauty, dignity and being a beautiful young girl. Thank you so very much."
- Parent 

Teen Development Mastery Series

"Thank you so much for your amazing generous care. My daughter loved it so much. It is a great reassuring course beside what I teach her at home.

I enrolled her in many courses since she was 3 years old and courses like personal development, the courses that you provide, encourage her to strive for the best. She loves gaining lots of knowledge in every area to make her a better person.

Thank you once again for the amazing opportunity you have given to my daughter and other young people. It will definitely make a great big difference in her life that she can carry all her life."
- Parent 

Dine like a Diplomat

"It was lovely to meet you and thank you so much for the session for the team last week. We all thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot."
 - Corporate Client

Personal Development

 "Thank you, Julie.
Your work made a 100% difference in my attitude and delivery of my speech.  I've learned so much - thank you from the bottom of my heart"
- Business Owner, Events

Career Advancement

"I recommend Julie in her work with me putting my resume together and offering very practical advice on how to approach new career directions. Julie is approachable and works to make change manageable and achievable.  I would say that Julie is someone to look to for honest and professional advice with sincere encouragement."
 - Corporate Client

Career Development and Advancement

"Favourite part of the program: 'delving into my leadership style and working on strategies to improve myself both professionally and personally'
Aspects I learned and didn't know before I started the program: 'perception is everything, how to enter a room, introductions the right way and concentrating on behaviours not the person when providing feedback'. 
I feel I got what I needed and more than I expected."
- School Principal

Dine Like a Diplomat

“Thank you, Julie and team, for your expert advice and instruction during our team’s completion of your Dine Like a Diplomat masterclass.  We took away a refinement of critical etiquette skills which are invaluable in working in today’s multicultural business landscape.  A worthwhile investment to ensure the team puts their best foot forward in both business and social contexts.”
- Informatics Sales Manager

Dine Like a Diplomat Family Master Class

"I liked the practical nature of the course. It was not lecturing style but rather question and answer and conversational. Three things I learnt that I didn't know before are: leave the table from the right, enter from the right, don't start bread until entree is served. Now that I have completed the course with my family I feel that my family has a new respect for table manners and etiquette. I would recommend this course to everyone. It should be taught in schools as part of basic social skills. Thank you again for a wonderful experience."
- Family of Five 

“It was a delightful experience for our family, from the hosts, to gorgeous food and the etiquette we learnt. The kids had some initial reservation, understandably because this was not an every day event parents would have their children participating in. But in the end they admitted they did take away new understanding and valuable skills. I think, with modern parents' willingness to spend on their children's education, extracurricular skills from sport to music etc. this should be another skill to invest in. This will open up the children's mind and knowledge, helping them to develop into the global citizens essential for their adult lives and future careers. Also instructions coming from an outside source definitely have a stronger impact on the children's acceptance. Thank you very much Julie”

Family Dining Experience - Baotram Lam 

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